Calendar is not looking the same in OWA and Outlook – Poof the calendar

Calendar is not looking the same in OWA and Outlook – Poof the calendar

Calendar is not looking same in OWA and Outlook the simple solution is to fix it out by using Poof the calendar. Follow the below troubleshooting to fix it out.

Poof is enabled by creating the following registry value on the Exchange server


Value (DWORD): CalendarRecovery

Data: 1

Note: EXCDO will not be present in Exchange server by default and create in mailbox server.

Next, in the description field of the properties of the Calendar folder, set the following text:


Cause for this occurrence: OWA doesn’t know anything about expanding recurring meetings and appointments. Instead, it relies on a task which runs in Exchange that expands the recurring items for it. Sometimes, Exchange may not realize that a recurring item has changed and needs expansion again which will results this cause. The process for fixing this is called Poof

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