Failover plan from primary CCR site to DR SCR site (When Primary site is totally down)

  • Verify the directory service is up in DR site.
  • Verify the DNS resolution in the DR site.
  • Activate the SCR target and recovery of the clustered mailbox server

 Restore-StorageGroupCopy –identity  <CMSName\StorageGroupName> -StandbyMachine  <TargetSCRServerName>  -Force

              Note: Force parameter must always be specified when the SCR source is unavailable.

  • Delete the DNS record which will be created again when running setup with /recovercms
  • Disable copying of storage group from failed clustered mailbox server

 Disable-StorageGroupCopy –identity <CMSName\StorageGroupName> -StandbyMachine  <TargetSCRServerName> -Cofirm:$False

  •  Run setup program to recover CMS on targer SCR serve. Enter different CMS IP address on this server. /RecoverCMS /CMSName: <CMSName> /CMSIPAdress: <CMSIPAddress>

Note: Setup /RecoverCMS  will finish successfully after DNS replication has occurred and the recovery server DNS cache is flushed. If setup fails you should use NSLOOKUP to verify the IP address.

  • As  a result of the clustered mailbox server recover operation the DNS TTL has reverted to the default value of 20 minutes. It should be setback to five minutes

Cluster.exe res “Network Name CMSName” /priv HostRecordTTL=300

  •  When setup completed mount the database

 Get-MailboxDatabases –server <CMSName> | Mount-Database

Re-direct to DR Hub & CAS Server role

  • External urls need to be configured to point to the client access server in the DR site
  • The mail exchange  (MX) DNS record for the SMTP domain would need to be  updated

Login to Outlook and check connection with recovered  clustered mailbox server. Check mails are available which are sent and received before failure


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