Combining Multiple MAPI and Replication networks – Exchange 2010 DAG Network

Combining Multiple MAPI & Replication networks – Exchange 2010 DAG Network

When you have Primary Site and secondary site hosting Exchange 2010 Mailbox server and configuring DAG network. You can able to view four network under DAG network

2 MAPI network one in Primary Site (170.0.0,x/16) and one in secondary site (170.1.0,x/16).
2 Replication network one in Primary Site ( and one in secondary site (

This can be collasped easily using the following Exchange Powershell Command

Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupNetwork DAG1DAGNetwork01 -Subnets 170.0.0,0/16,170.1.0,0/16

Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupNetwork DAG1DAGNetwork02 -Subnets,

Still the network holds the default name inorder to have proper nomenclature run the following command

Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupNetwork DAG1DAGNetwork01 -Name MAPI_Network

Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupNetwork DAG1DAGNetwork02 -Name Replication_Network

The following command will disable replication traffic through the MAPI network.

Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupNetwork MAPI_Network –ReplicationEnabled $false

In Exchange Server 2013 we don’t need to perform the collapsing of DAG Network since it does automatically Ref:


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