Outlook Web App 2013 – Light Version.

Outlook Web App 2013 – Light Version.

Outlook Web App 2013 light version can support lower version browser and can connect at low bandwidth also.

To enable light version for Exchange server 2013 Outlook Web App.

From Server End execute the following powershell to get applied for end users

Set-OWAMailboxPolicy -Identity “Light OWA Users” -PremiumClientEnabled $False

Set-CASMailboxIdentity “[UserName]” -OWAMailboxPolicy “Light OWA Users”.

End user can also able to apply Exchange server 2013 Outlook Web App.by themselves

To change Outlook Web App 2013 into Light version – Log-in to Outlook Web Apps – Click on “Display Setting”  (right side top corner) – Select Outlook Web App Version

The following list of features will not be available with light version on comparing them with premium version of Outlook Web App 2013

  1. Spelling checker, Reading pane, Conversation view
  2. Notifications, Reminders & Weekly calendar views
  3. Right-click menu & Drag-and-drop
  4. Resource mailbox management
  5. Voice mail options
  6. Favorites
  7. OCS integration
  8. Public folders
  9. Share a calendar, Open a shared calendar, Monthly calendar views
  10. Retention Policies
  11. Users can create and edit personal distribution lists & server-side rules
  12. RMS protection
  13. RBAC – Change user settings & Administrator settings
  14. Web-ready document viewing
  15. Nickname cache
  16. Message tracking
  17. Advanced search
  18. MailTips
  19. Exchange control panel
  20. Attach message to a message

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