User Experience With Outlook 2013 and Outlook Web App 2013

User Experience With Outlook 2013 and Outlook Web App 2013

Common user experience present in both Outlook and Outlook Web App 2013

  1. Conversation Actions & View
  2. Modification of server side junk email allow/block list
  3. Modification of server side inbox rules
  4. Management of memberships of Exchange Distribution Groups
  5. Set external/internal message and from/to date range
  6. Integration to allow access to remote calendar, share local calendar
  7. Combine Multiple Calendars in One View
  8. Fast searching using pre-built search index
  9. Integrated E-Mail Archive
  10. View of MailTips
  11. GAL Photos and UM Name along with availability
  12. Allows viewing of compatible attachments without leaving Outlook
  13. Policy Management Set and view retention policy for folders
  14. Message preview shown to the right of messages
  15. Stored Nicknames on the server
  16. Real time calendar view for meeting and room bookings
  17. AD Rights Management Services

Additional User Experience Features Outlook have where Outlook Web apps doesn’t get user experience

  1. Export and Import of Contacts
  2. Export and Import to PST
  3. Ability to add Macros
  4. Resend the email message
  5. Ability to reply to embedded email messages
  6. Calendar Preview in Meeting Requests
  7. Expanding distribution groups to see all members
  8. Adding multiple Exchange account accross different server and domain
  9. Ability to moderate distribution list
  10. Subscribe to RSS feeds
  11. Reading pane at the bottom of the window



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