Exchange 2013 Autodiscover and Outlook Provider

Exchange 2013 Autodiscover and Outlook Provider

In earlier version of exchange like Exchange 2007 & Exchange 2010 there are three Outlook provider used for autodiscover and Outlook Anywhere

Where Internal Outlook Client uses EXCH and External Outlook Clients uses EXPR and third provider known as WEB

  • The EXCH setting refers Exchange RPC protocol that is used internally which provides the internal URLs for the Exchange services
  • The EXPR setting refers Exchange HTTP protocol that is used by Outlook Anywhere which provides the external URLs for the Exchange services
  • The WEB contains the URL for Outlook Web Access for the user which is not in use.

Whereas in Exchange 2013 there is no longer directly uses EXPR/EXCH Outlook Provider.

  • Exchange 2013 uses two different EXHTTP providers for internal and externa respectively for Exchange 2013 user mailbox which are dynamically generated.
  • It will process and use them on getting the Internal EXHTTP settings first and External EXHTTP settings second.
  • In order to support EXHTTP Outlook provider the minimum supported client versions are as follows
    1. Outlook 2007 SP3, 12.0.6665.5000
    2. Outlook 2010 SP1, 14.0.6126.5000
    3. Outlook 2013 RTM

Note: To check Outlook Version look at Outlook.exe file in the Windows Explorer


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