Exchange Server 2013 Text Messaging

You can configure SMS Text Message Notification for various situation like Calendar notifications, Voice mail notifications, Email notifications if your user’s Mailbox hosted in Exchange Server 2013

To set up your phone to receive text messages when you want to have Calendar notifications, Voice mail notifications, Email notifications use the steps as follows

Note: Text message fees are applicable and it will appear on your phone bill.

 Login to Outlook Web App, click Options > See All Options > Phone > Voice Mail tab.

Outlook Web App

In the Notifications section, choose one of the following options:

  • ·         Calendar notifications…
  • ·         Voice mail notifications…
  • ·         Email notifications using an Inbox rule…

1.1 Turn On Notification

First step is to turn on the notification of text messaging. Click Turn on Notifications

Text Messaging 1

Select Setup Notification: Need to select your operator,

It will request to provide your Mobile Operator.

Note: As of now Exchange Server 2013 supports only the below list of operators.

 Locale: United State

Mobile Operator: AT & T, Sprint PCS, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless

 Locale: Canada,

Mobile Operator:Bell Telus Mobility

 Locale: Romania

Mobile Operator:Orange Romania

Provide your telephone number. It will send you the passcode on your mobile number.

Text Messaging 2

Type the passcode for confirmation

Text Messaging 3

 1.2 Calendar Notifications:

On Selecting Calendar Notification: Select the option based upon your requirement.

Text Messaging 4

1.3 Email Notification Using Inbox Rule:

Similarly for the text messaging for the email notification, select the option based upon your requirement and setup them up

Text Messaging 5


 1.4  Voice mail notifications

In the Notifications section, choose the options:

Voice Mail 1

And also SMSNotification for VoiceMail and Missed call can be configured using the Exchange Powershell Command.  You can enable by using the Set-UMMailboxPolicy cmdlet and the Set-UMMailbox cmdlet in the Shell.

You can view the status of text message notifications by using the Get-UMMailboxPolicy cmdlet and the Get-UMMailbox cmdlet.

Attribute: UMSMSNotificationOption

Value: VoiceMail, VoiceMailAndMissedCalls, and None

For Example:

 Set-UMMailbox- -id MyUMMailbox -UMSMSNotificationOption VoiceMailAndMissedCalls.

 Set-UMMailboxPolicy -id MyUMMailboxPolicy – AllowSMSNotification $true.



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