Unable to open Lync Control Panel

Please follow the below checklist

  • Check the user is member of CSAdministrator and  CSUserAdministrator group.
  • Check you Silverlight installed on the workstation
  • Check in IE browser and don’t have any proxy setting configured in it.
  • Verify you are able to resolve dns record to ip address of the url used https://server.domain.com/cscp
  • Add the url in the Trusted Sites on IE.

About Raji Subramanian

Nothing great to say about me...Just want to share my knowledge for others that will be useful at any moment of time when they stuck in critical issue....
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3 Responses to Unable to open Lync Control Panel

  1. selva says:

    Hi raji,

    i can able to open lync control panel with https://server.domain.com/cscp but i can’t able to open with poolname Ex : https://poolname.domain.com/cscp.what would be the problem,please help on this

    • Try to check the IP address and port is opened for the poolname. Try to access using the ip address instead of the poolname. if it works try to put local host entry file and check again…

  2. Tebogo says:

    Hi I can finish deployment of lync server 2013 because step 3 and 4 are not active. Plus I cant strat lync control panel please help

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