Basic Troubleshooting Analysis using Task Manager & Resource Monitor

We know the task manager can help to know the detail of service, processor and memory utilization but it has capability to perform more than that…

Opening new task when everything got hanged in our system.

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del – Click TaskManager
  2. Goto Task Manager – File – Run New Task


  1. Enter the name of the task you need to open


To identify and kill specific service for the application

Sometime we have opened serveral application for the same service and need to get killed specific application. For example let us open multiple notepad file which points the same service notepad.exe


In case if you want to kill specific notepad file you need to identity the service name that should be killed. By default it just show notepad.exe without much detail. To make it more detail right click – Select Columns


In the Select Column – Select Command line – Click OK


Now you can able to identify the notepad.exe service that is mapped respective notepad file


Identifying the port number and protocol used by application

Go to Task Manager – Click Performance Tab – Click Resource Monitor


Select the process the need to be monitored.

 Resource Monitor

Go to the network tab where you can able to see the local port and remote port of the application used

Resource Monitor 1


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Nothing great to say about me...Just want to share my knowledge for others that will be useful at any moment of time when they stuck in critical issue....
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