Exchange Server 2013 SP1 Crimson Log – Size Increase

The below scripts helps us to set the log maximum size to approx 200 MB for the windows logs – application, system and Exchange Server 2013 Crimson logs.

$ServerName = @(“”,””)

Foreach ($SRVName in $ServerName) {

wevtutil sl Application /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl System /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-ActiveMonitoring/MaintenanceDefinition /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-ActiveMonitoring/MaintenanceDefinition /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-ActiveMonitoring/MaintenanceResult /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-ActiveMonitoring/MonitorDefinition /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-ActiveMonitoring/MonitorResult /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-ActiveMonitoring/ProbeDefinition /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-ActiveMonitoring/ProbeResult /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-ActiveMonitoring/ResponderDefinition /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-ActiveMonitoring/ResponderResult /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-ESE/IODiagnose /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-HighAvailability/AppLogMirror /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-HighAvailability/BlockReplication /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-HighAvailability/Debug /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-HighAvailability/Monitoring /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-HighAvailability/Network /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-HighAvailability/Operational /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-HighAvailability/Seeding /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-HighAvailability/TruncationDebug /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-MailboxDatabaseFailureItems/Debug /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-MailboxDatabaseFailureItems/Operational /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-ManagedAvailability/InvokeNowRequest /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-ManagedAvailability/InvokeNowResult /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-ManagedAvailability/Monitoring /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-ManagedAvailability/RecoveryActionLogs /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-ManagedAvailability/RecoveryActionResults /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-ManagedAvailability/RemoteActionLogs /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-ManagedAvailability/StartupNotification /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-ManagedAvailability/ThrottlingConfig /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-PushNotifications/Analytics /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-PushNotifications/Debug /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-PushNotifications/Operational /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888
wevtutil sl Microsoft-Exchange-Troubleshooters/Operational /r:$SRVName /ms:209999888

Few more commands to play around the event logs

To validate the maxlog size on local Server
wevtutil gl application ServerName | Select-String “maxsize”

To validate the maxlog size on Remote Server
wevtutil gl application /r:ServerName | Select-String “maxsize”

To list out the event logs
wevtutil el


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