To Count number of Transaction Log Files in Exchagne 2013

The below Exchange 2013 powershell script used to count the number of transaction log file getting generated by each Exchange 2013 Server Database. This information plays vital for the below action items

Exchange Transaction Log Count 

1. Helps to understand email flow data in each Exchange 2013 database.

2. Provide some estimation on the replication traffic.

3. Provide the detail is the transaction logs are getting purged after backup.

4. Disk space occupied for the transaction log (As each log size is 1 MB

$Output = “C:\Temp\Raji\ExchangeOutPut.txt”
$Databases =Get-MailboxDatabase
foreach ($DB in $Databases)
[string]$logPathString = $db.LogFolderPath
$MyDriveString =$logPathString.substring(0,1);
$UNCPath = “\\$($db.Server)\” + $MyDriveString + “$” ;
$Logfoldername = $logPathString.Replace($MySubString,$UNCPath);
Write-Output $Logfoldername
$Logfoldername | Out-File $Output -append
foreach ($Log in $Logfoldername)
$LogCount = dir $Log | group {$_.LastWriteTime.ToShortDateString()} | select Name,Count
Write-Output $LogCount
$LogCount | Out-File $Output -append


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