Exchange Server 2013 Performance Counters

The article helps to understand different counter on Mailbox and Client Access Server role in Exchange 2013 Server. I have exported in the spreadsheet divided into

1.  Common Counters in Mailbox and Client Access Server Role

2. Unique Counters present only in Client Access Server Role

3. Unique Counters present only in Mailbox Server Role

You can download them on clicking  Exchange_2013_Perfmon_Counters

The powershell command used to get this report –  Get-Counter -ListSet *msexchange* | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Counter and then played excel to make easier to understand.


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One Response to Exchange Server 2013 Performance Counters

  1. Nazir says:

    I loaded some performance counters manually from the location D:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Setup\Perf using powershell. But i’m unsure about which .xml is for below counters:
    RPC Requests sent/sec
    RPC Slow requests latency average (msec)
    RPC Slow requests (%)
    ROP Requests Outstanding
    Average Document Indexing Time
    RPC Requests failed (%)
    RPC Requests outstanding
    RPC Latency average (msec)
    Availability Service: Average Time to Process a Free Busy
    UM Performance: Operations over Six Seconds
    Will appreciate if you can help

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